Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hawks REVENGE bid fails, Devin Harris unstoppable, the potential of Vince Carter may still exist, does our bench? Johnson still magnificent

Hawks 107 Nets 119
29 26 30 34
28 22 23 38

ESPN AP Atlanta Recep

The 2008-2009 Atlanta Hawks had one of the best starts of franchise history but they have also proved to be one of the elite teams in the league in these early tests, situations in games. Of course we had a great start of 6-0 but even with these three losses, it only proves the Hawks power more.

In this game, the Hawks came out defensively determined to stop or slow down Devin Harris, the same Devin Harris that had shredded Iverson-debut Detroit and their defense for a career-high 38 points, and unfortunately, the Hawks became victims of this new phenomenon of the Devin. I mean seriously, in his past 3 games, Devin Harris has averaged 33.6 ppg 4.6 rbs 6.6 asts, and it wasn't at the fault of the Hawks defense, although it seems like ever since that Boston loss, we have been playing less than the great we had been playing those games prior to that loss, it might just be New Jersey had the advantage in this 2 game situation with Harris beasting and Vince Carter rare vintage, but the Hawks must understand this was a playoff type test, back-to-backs are very indicative of the power, skill level of the teams, and we can't let teams figure us out like the Nets did in these 2 games.

But we certianly HAVE lost some swagger in the defensive department these past two games, so we are going to go after Indiana in dominating fashion, then beat Wizards in Atlanta, then Bobcats in Atlanta, then the next "biggest test of the season" is the return of Josh Smith against the Legend of LeBron, but we absolutely must beat these other lil' sub-par teams before we face the big dog.

Can We Fit NEW JERSEY NETS into the Nu East Order?

It will be interesting to see at what pace Devin Harris continues to impress and improve, Nets are looking real smart for trading for him, it will be funny if the Nets make the playoffs and the Mavs don't (which they wont, and they can blame John McCain). But, the Nets making the playoffs is beyond a longshot, its beyond unlikely, but it is not outside the realm of possibility, especially if Devin Harris keeps averaging around 30 ppg 6 apg, Vince Carter 25 ppg 5 rbs 5 asts, and i guess Brook Lopez should average about 15 pts 9 rbs, i think there's a guy named Yi on that team but i'm not sure, Nets got a few key bench players; Ryan Anderson, Keyon Dooling, Jarvis Hayes, lets look at the east, hypothetically:

1. Celtics
2. Cavs
3. Hawks
4. Pistons
5. Magic
6. Raptors
7. 76ers

bulls, knicks, nets, bucks will all battle for that 8th spot, teams trying to make that Hawks-leap, lol it aint happenin, but good luck in the playoffs.

Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Devin Harris?

Over the last 3 games, Devin Harris is averaging 33.6 ppg 4.6 rbs 6.6 asts on 55.6% FGs 40.0% 3pt FGs 87.5% FTs, he has been playing the best basketball of his young NBA career recently. Can he join CP3 and Williams as the top tier PGs in the NBA? If he averages more than 22 ppg 6 asts, he's an all-star, no doubt, a place Deron Williams has not been yet, lol.


Moose said...

Devin Harris Most Improved Player 2008-09? If he keeps this up, yes.

Moose said...

yeah, forgot to say: this hawks blog sparked my creative genius (genius, haha) to make one of my favorite team, the celtics. if y'all wanna follow and read that one, you can, but you dont have to . . . click my name and click the other blog to see it.